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Lets Dart Scoreboard


Let's Dart is a mobile dart scoreboard application supporting players in calculating and recording game dart data. Using this app each player has the possibilty to analyze player and game statistics to recognize their weakness and and improve their skills.* Currently in development: Training plan mode*
This dart scoreboard app includes the following functionality and features
- X01 game with several options like double out, master in, ...- Cricket- CPU Player including 9 levels of diccifulty- Game and player statistics: scoring, average, checkout, aiming, CPU 1on1- Advanced minimalistic user interface- Player management: profile picture, player name, favourite status- Checkout Suggestions- Smartphone / Tablet Support
This dart scoreboard offers the possibility to capture and present dart data in single- and multiplayer modus. All player statistics can be analyzed on several detail levels like leg statistic, set statistic, game statistic or player statistic. Let's Dart Scoreboard gives every player the chance to analyze and improve his skills.
Have fun an game on!